Playlist X-Rated 8 december 2011

Dit is de playlist van X-Rated van donderdag 8 december 2011 met 4 uur lang hoogtepunten uit de 16 jaar oude X-Rated-archieven.

Het programma voor experimenteel, avant-garde, industrial, ambient en electronics op de Concertzender!




“On demand”-luisteren via de Concertzender:
First hourSecond hourThird hour and the Fourth hour

Uur 1:

  1. Future Sound Of London. Central Industrial. 4:19. Label: Jumpin & Pumpin.
  2. Coil. Nasa Arab. 9:15. CD: Stolen And Contaminated Songs. Label: World Serpent.
  3. Horizon 222. Spirit Level. 12:23. CD: Through The Round Window. Label: ZZO Rec.
  4. Bass Communion. Citadel. 10:00. CD: Cenotaph. Label: Tonefloat.
  5. Markant. Dancing With Wolves. CD: Feedback. 11:26. Label: Markant.
  6. Rapoon. Ice Whispers (Excerpt). CD: Time Frost. 10:00. Label: Glacial Movements.

Uur 2:

  1. Minny Pops. Minny Pops. LP: Drastic Measures Drastic Movement. 2:23. Label: Plurex
  2. Holger Czukay. La Luna (Excerpt). CD La Luna. 13:00. Label: Tone Casualties.
  3. Irezumi. Endurance part 1. CD: Endurance. 7:59. Snowblood.
  4. Martin Hall. Synthesis. LP: Cutting Through;The Final Recordings. 8:28. Label: The Mind and Media Corporation.
  5. Kleefstra/Pruiksma/Kleefstra. Stadich Lit Ik Dy Kalder Wurde. CD: Deislieper. 9:20. Label: Hibernate.
  6. Bocksholm. Pressbyran ’78. CD: The Haunting Curse Of Skogs-Sara. 8:04. Label: Wrotycz.
  7. Ulver. EOS. CD: Shadow Of The Sun. 05:00. Label: Jester.

Uur 3

  1. Shoc Corridor. Iceberg. LP: Experiments In Incest. 6:31. Label: Shout.
  2. Sunn O))) meets Nurse With Wound. Ash On The Trees. 17:08. LP The Iron Soul Of Nothing. Editions Mego.
  3. New Risen Throne. Loneliness. CD: Loneliness Of Hidden Structures. 9:16. Label: Cyclic Law.
  4. Einstürzende Neubauten. Armenia. LP: Zeichnungen des Patienten O.T. 4:57. Label: Some Bizarre.
  5. Nouvelles Lectures Cosmopolites. Psychoplastic Experience. CD: Allegro Vivace. 6.53. Label: Permis De Construire.
  6. Psychic TV. Terminus. LP: Force The Hand Of Chance. 9:00. Label: Some Bizarre.
  7. Tangerine Dream. Rubycon part 1 (Excerpt). LP: Rubycon. Label: Virgin.

Uur 4:

  1. Winston Tong. The Hunger. EP: Theoretical China. 16:02. Label: Les Disques Du Crepuscule.
  2. Barry Adamson & Pan Sonic. The Hymn Of The 7th Illusion. CD Motorlab 3. 11:00. Label: Kitchen Motors.
  3. Current 93. A Visit To Dogland. LP: V/A The Fight Is On. 5:45. Label: Laylah.
  4. Coil. Sex With Sun Ra. CD: Black Antlers. 8:33. Label: Threshold House.
  5. Noises Of Russia. Humility part 1 & 2. CD: Humility. 13:00. Label: Zhelezobeton.

Samenstelling & presentatie: Bob Rusche

Download elk uur (met dank aan
(RS) Download the First and Second hourThird and Fourth hour
(MF) Download the First and Second hourThird and Fourth hour

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