Stillness [Mix]

Een tip voor het nieuwe jaar, deze mix door Peter van Cooten ( Zowel via stream te beluisteren als te downloaden.

Geniet van deze terugblik over 2011 en spot de waterkever!

This mix obviously found its name from the lovely intro (and outtro) track by Nest.

Inbetween, there are many moments of ‘stillness’, too… Moments you may slowly drift off into the drones, letting your mind wander … to be pulled back again by some of the post-classical ‘anchors’ in this mix by Winged Victory For the Sullen, Human Greed, Vladimír Gódar, and Maya Beiser (member of Bang on a Can, with a stunning cello performance of the Djivan Gasparyan composition ‘Memories’).

Maybe it’s a good way to start a new year with a small opportunity to retreat from current society’s turmoil, and to find some time to ‘cocoon’ to the sounds (and the sometimes fascinating depths) of ‘Stillness’.

Some word of warning, however: if this suggests this mix only contains warm, comfortable and pleasurable sounds, be prepared for some suprises.
I never said that “Stillness” always means “Comforting”…

This mix can be downloaded from Stillness [Mix] door AmbientBlog

"Stillness" image by imago2007

“Stillness” image by imago2007
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